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Errors & Omissions Insurance for Life Agents

Coverage is available for as low as $660.

As an expert, you want to provide options to your clients when selling life insurance or financial products. You also know that the biggest value for your clients is dealing with you, an expert. So, when it comes to buying your Life Agent E&O Insurance, shouldn’t you be looking at dealing with true experts in the field?

Just like the products you sell, when buying E&O, you’re not buying something tangible, you are buying a promise. A promise that if in the future you need to rely on the product you have invested in, it will protect you, your assets and everything you have worked so hard to build.

Whether you sell only Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds or all of the above, Westland Express (formerly First Durham Insurance & Financial Ltd.) is proud of our track record as one of the largest and longest-standing brokers who specialize in providing professional liability and E and O Insurance for Life Agents, Financial Advisors and their corporations throughout Canada.

In today’s litigious climate, quality protection has never been more important. The consequences of inadequate E&O insurance coverage are potentially devastating and certainly not worth the risk. Don’t take any chances, simply click to apply!

Customized Protection

Perfect Fit

It’s not just that we’ve been protecting a wide variety of individuals and businesses for decades, it’s because our Canadian Life Broker Plan was specifically built for and specially priced to meet the needs of Independent Agents and Advisors across Canada.

Our expert team at Westland Express has in-depth knowledge of the life agents E&O market place and prides itself on being the preeminent provider of E and O to the financial services sector. That is why thousands of agents across Canada have trusted us to arrange their Errors and Omissions coverage on their behalf.

Our coverage is competitively priced, easy to buy and even easier to renew. Our Errors and Omissions life agent insurance is built with you in mind and does not come with additional fees.

No Two Policies Are The Same

Like the policies you sell, no two policies are the same and each carrier pays claims differently. When you come to Westland Express for your Life Agent Errors & Omissions insurance, you’ll get solid protection from a broker and Insurer that has decades of unmatched experience.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that whether you have a simple question, need a copy of a certificate or have a claim, our E&O insurance specialists are available to respond swiftly to provide expert advice with a focus on excellent customer service.

Ready to learn more about how to get better protected for less with Errors and Omissions insurance for life insurance agents and financial advisors from Westland Express? It’s easy to connect, for free, no obligation quote, with our experts. Do it now, get the cover you need – after all, you could be on the brink of saving not only money but also your livelihood.

Have a Claim, Who’s In Your Corner?

Our E and O for life insurance is built with Canada’s independent agent in mind and in our view independence makes a big difference. In the event of a claim, you can feel confident that you will have access to the best legal advice and guidance from experts whose number one priority is protecting you and not the interests of an insurer or association. Furthermore, we can provide insight into how to minimize the risk of lawsuits, pinpointing the most common source of claims in your particular business area.