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Landlords and Property Managers

Why partner with Westland Express

The average landlord has enough things to worry about without putting your head down after a long day and wondering if your tenants have left the burner on. By partnering with Westland Express, you will  be able to reap the benefits of your tenants having their own insurance:

  • Reduce claims
    Roughly 75% of tenants do not have tenant insurance, and they make up more than 30% of building insurance claims. This results in claims against your insurance policy and subsequently increasing your premiums.
  • Misinformed tenants
    Many tenants falsely believe that it is the landlords responsibility to pay for damage or loss of possessions in case of theft or an emergency. Ensure your tenants are informed so they can be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Peace of mind for you & tenants
    Peace of mind that your building is fully covered and there won’t be any legal issues if an  unforeseen event occurs. Additionally, your tenants will have peace of mind that they are protected. It is a win-win situation.

Let us take this one thing off your plate!

Westland Express creates a simple buying experience for your tenants to purchase their tenants’ insurance online in minutes. In addition, Westland Express offers landlords access to an exclusive online management portal where you can monitor your tenant’s insurance coverage in real time. We’ll even send an email notification when a tenant begins or ends their policy.

Become a referral partner today

  1. Fill out the form below or contact our Business Development Mangers at 1-866-856-9876 and provide construction details of your buildings. This will allow your tenants to purchase their policy online quickly and easily.
  2. Request flyers and posters from your assigned Business Development Manager.
  3. Make tenant insurance a requirement for tenants and recommend Westland Express for coverage.
  4. Sit back and relax. Start monitoring your tenants in real-time via our exclusive online landlord management portal.