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/ Six ways to make the most of your condo balcony

Six ways to make the most of your condo balcony

Are you a city condo dweller who yearns for green things and fragrant blooms? While city living has much to offer, it leaves much to be desired for lovers of the great outdoors. In such cases, our condo balconies or patios are the next best thing and should be used wisely. 

For those with restless green thumbs, much can be done to make the most of a condo’s balcony or patio. Whether you’re a coffee lover who prefers to start your day with a strong roast and whisper to your plants, you like to unwind after a long day with a book, or you love to entertain guests on the weekend, the possibilities are endless. 

Now, space does matter — but big or small, you can do quite a bit to make the most of your balcony. Here are some tips to get you started on creating the green balcony that you want and information on how best to protect your home with condo or tenant insurance!

1. Trial and error

Balconies come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, and it will take you a while to figure out what works best for the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. 

You can start by buying a few pots of plants, a chair, and a watering can. Boston ferns, money plants, basil, geraniums, and begonias are perfect low maintenance plants for beginners. Feel free to move them around, change layouts, and see what works best for you. It isn’t advisable to buy too many chairs, décor, and plants all at once, as you may find that they don’t fit in the layout, or you may end up cluttering your space. 

2. Take note of the weather

Gardening is dependent on the weather and the local climate. If you live in an east-facing apartment, you will receive a bounty of sunlight. Make the most of this by placing your plants in areas where sun rays hit the most. But remember — these plants will also need regular watering. 

In contrast, north-facing balconies don’t receive as much light. In such cases, you may want to get plants that can thrive with limited exposure to the sun. These include bleeding hearts, wax begonias, fuchsia, and more. Investing in plants such as ferns, rockets, parsley, and those that can withstand gusty winds is advisable if you live in a windy city. 

3. Spruce up the look with décor

Eventually, it’s time to spruce it up as you start looking after your small home garden. 

Adding fairy lights can change the overall look and feel of the patio at night and can be the perfect place to entertain guests for a quick weeknight wine and dine. You can even buy a small table to place plants, magazines, newspapers, or anything you want to add functionality to the space.

4. An opportunity to be sustainable

If you’re an avid believer in sustainability, then this one’s specifically for you. Many transform their apartment balconies into a vegetable garden and grow fresh produce. Tomatoes, lemons, basil, thyme, and fruits like strawberries and blueberries are some common things that can grow on balconies. Growing your produce can be exceptionally rewarding. But you will need to do some research to confirm if the weather in your city is conducive to the type of products you want to grow. 

5. Avoid over cluttering

After creating your balcony garden, you may still find some empty, unused spaces. It can be tempting to cram some more items, but it’s probably best not to. Storing pots, compost, or cement will tarnish the look of your space and will gradually cause strain to your balcony and its foundations. 

The bottom line is to keep it minimal, functional and inviting! 

6. Upkeep and caution

While the effort you put into building your home and garden can be gratifying, ensuring it is protected, especially from unexpected damages, is equally essential. Your condo and patio are your home; protecting it should always be a priority, especially for your peace of mind. 

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is important, but knowing your covered with the right condo insurance is imperative. Our team of advisors can ensure you’re protected and have the right coverage in place. Our comprehensive condo insurance provides clients protection for their personal belongings, any additional areas they have bettered or improved, and shared spaces with neighbours. 

Condo insurance costs vary and depend on your property type, location, any betterments or improvements you’ve made to your apartment and surrounding areas, claims history, credit score, and overall building construction. Ready to chat about your condo insurance, connect with us to get started or complete a quote. Happy decorating!