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Why You Need Tenant Insurance

Although many renters assume that a landlord’s insurance policy will protect them in case of flood or fire, your landlord’s policy only covers his or her property and possessions.

Your lease requires that you carry tenant insurance to protect yourself, your visitors, your neighbors, and your building owner. Without a tenant insurance policy, you may have to personally pay for damages.

As a tenant, you’re responsible for the following in the case of damage:

  • for the replacement of your contents
  • for paying temporary housing costs
  • for damages you cause to your building
  • if someone sues you for injury

Plus, the value of your furniture, clothes, electronics, dishes and other personal belongings is probably a lot higher than you realize. Tenant insurance covers the cost of replacing your items if you suffer a break-in, fire or water damage.

Avoid these common tenant mistakes that could result in major damage to your rental and huge expenses for you:

Kitchen Fires: Did you know most house fires are started in the kitchen? Never leave cooking unattended and always remember to turn off your appliances.

Water Damage: Turn off your taps! Water overflows due to tenant negligence are a major source of tenant insurance claims.

Frozen Pipes: Frozen pipes are a common issue once winter temperatures set in and can cause major damage to your rental unit when they burst. To avoid this, keep your thermostat on during cold weather.

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